Hands Free Soap Dispenser with 3 Dispensing Options

SKU: 9329


Foam, Liquid or Gel - Your Choice!

Help reduce the spread of illness with a Hands Free Soap Dispenser. This dispenser has a 1000 mL (34 oz) capacity and dispenses 0.7 mL of soap per stroke. Durable ABS construction ensures longtime use. Comes with a foaming valve installed, which can be changed to a valve that dispenses lotion soap or gel sanitizer or a valve that sprays liquid sanitizers.

  • Dispenses 3 ways: foam, liquid, and spray
  • Can be set to dispense 1, 2, or 3 sprays per activation
  • Optional key lock for maximum security
  • Dispenser uses 6 (AA) batteries (not included)
  • 12/case

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