The Mopster Bucketless Mopping System



  • Complete system includes 18" hook-and-loop frame, 32 oz dispensing bottle and 54" handle
  • Hook-and-loop frame is moulded vs. attached with glue or rivets
  • Removable dispensing bottle features a wide opening for easy filling and cleanout smooth operation
  • Translucent, graduated dispensing bottle identifies fill level in both ounces and millilitres
  • Durable, ultra-light construction reduces user fatigue
  • Ergonomic, end-of-handle thermoplastic rubber ball swivels for smooth operation
  • Eliminates waste water completely, reducing water usage
  • Saves on chemicals by using only what you need
  • Saves labour involved in filling buckets and wringing out mops
  • Viton Seals ensure confident operation with a variety of heavy duty chemicals
  • All-Stop ball valve ensures a positive on and off flow control unlike competitors’ pinch valves
  • Larger frames and mop pads available upon request
  • 1/case

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