myFresh offers more discreet targeting, providing superior efficiency and cleanliness. It freshens air in small spaces exactly when and where it’s needed, reducing fragrance overload, nasal fatigue, and aerosol residue. Clean floors and eliminating the need to handle dirty cans creates a better user experience.

4 Pleasant 30-Day Refill Fragrances

Refills are 6/box

MYF6AF Alpine Forest

Pairs with Cotton Blossom, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea

MYF6CV Coconut Vanilla

Pairs with Mango, Spiced Apple, Fabulous

MYF6SB Seaside Breeze

Pairs with Cucumber Melon, Coastal, Honeysuckle

MYF6TL Tea Lily

Pairs with Citrus, Kiwi Grapefruit, Mango

MYCABF6 Dispensers come 6/box