The new Midnight Coast Black Wave 3D Urinal Screen is perfect for the high end restroom or dark urinals. It hides debris like hair, residue, etc.

About the fragrance:

A coastal escape with a fresh, aquatic notes enhanced with green palm leaves and hints of fruits and flowers on a background of driftwood and white musk.

Intensity: Low/Medium

Top Notes: Lemon, White Rose, Water Lily

Middle Notes: Ozonic Marine Accord, Violet Leaf

Base Notes: Driftwood, Beachgrass, Musk

Pairs Well With: Island Sunrise, Summer Sunshine, Seaside Breeze, Ocean Mist, Cucumber Melon, Cotton Blossom, Kiwi Grapefruit, Coconut Vanilla, Citrus.

Midnight Coast Black Wave 3D Urinal Screen does everything you expect of a Wave 3D Urinal Screen:

  • Pull off the date tabs upon installation to remind you when to change the air freshener
  • Includes one “Screen Saver” bag per box to store the spare screen until needed
  • Freshens urinal a full 30 days; twice as much as the competitors
  • Releases billions of optimized bacteria that clean the urinal and eliminate odours
  • Longer protrusions release fragrance and reduce splashback
  • Cuts cleaning time by up 50% while saving money
  • Complies with VOC Requirements


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