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Garbage Cans & Lids (2 sizes)

Now sold Can & Lid Complete (6 cans & 6 Lids per kit)

Features an offset bottom to keep the can off the ground, durable wire handles for easy portability and tight–fitting lid. Ideal for trash, yard waste and larger pet food/livestock feed storage. Rodent proof, recyclable and weather resistant. Made of 30 gauge Galvanized Metal.

1211K Garbage Can & Lid Complete, 75 L

1270K Garbage Can & Lid Complete, 117 L

Pails (3 sizes)

Now sold 6/pack

Features a durable wire handle for easy portability and deep swedging to add strength. Ideal for icing beverages, cleaning/mopping, organization, storage, home/event decor and more. A stronger alternative to plastic, the pail is rodent proof, recyclable, and weather resistant. Sealed for wet or dry contents. Made of 30 gauge Galvanized Metal.

1210GS 9 L Galvanized Pail

1212GS 11 L Galvanized Pail

1214GS 13 L Galvanized Pail

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